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Get involved

There are many things that we can all do to help the Market. Get involved in the campaign!

OUR NEXT MEETING: Check any dates at the homepage of this blog

There are many things that you can do to help the Market that do not necessarily involve a lot of time or commitment:

•Make the Market your main place for shopping and promote the Market to family, friends, colleagues, strangers, in your workplaces and local communities
•Talk with the traders, give them your support, find out how they are doing, ask what they think is wrong and what should be done
•Write to your MPs and local councillors to show your support for the Market and demand that they give the Market’s future a higher priority.
•Send a letter to the local press highlighting your concerns or celebrating the Market
•Join the Friends of Leeds Kirkgate Market email list and facebook group to be kept updated of news to do with the Market and the campaign. Check our blog regularly.
•Use Freedom of Information Laws to ask the Council for information on issues that particularly interest you about how the Market is being run, etc. You can use or contact us or the Council directly at
•Contribute financially to the campaign to pay for leaflets, running cost of meetings, etc.
•Become a member of Friends of Leeds Kirkgate Market group and tell others about it

But if you have the energy and/or time you can:

•Come to campaign meetings
•Help with publicity and specialist advice for example in promotion and the media, website design and maintenance, planning, law or finance.
•Write a short article for the campaign website for example on your recollection of how the Market used to be, on what you use the Market for.
•If you are a trader contribute to the blog with news about the Market. You could have your own weekly column!
•Contribute to the website with media content: make videos, photographs, recordings, etc.
•Help with writing a “people’s history of the Market” that celebrates its contribution to public life by interviewing traders, customers, collecting old and new photographs etc.
•Design, translate leaflets/posters/shopping bags and distribute or display
•Organise fund raising events
•Make links with similar groups across the UK like Friends of Queens Market and Friends of Brixton Market
•Set up your own stall at the Market.

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  1. john lynn. permalink
    April 25, 2013 2:36 pm

    I have only recently joined this site, I found it whilst spending a couple of months in hospital in Preston following lengthy surgery after a bad car accident. I am a Leeds born and bred person from Bramley – and my parents – both in their late 80,s still live in Leeds, Swinnow Lane area. I have great memories of the market, as my first employment after leaving school was adjacent to the market. Have fond memories of the market both before the terrible fire and the re – construction after.

    Best Wishes from Cheshire and I hope all goes well at the Civic Hall


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