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How can we challenge the Eastgate scheme to protect the Market?

The Eastgate scheme cannot be allowed to to go ahead as currently proposed so we have to exert maximum pressure on both the local authority and the developer to make them see sense and re-think their approach.

At the moment, we are trying to challenge the Eastgate development through the Planning System. Hammerson has made an outline planning application and we are running a campaign to encourage traders and shoppers to object to the application, and to persuade Councillors not to grant outline planning permission.

The deadline for objections to the scheme was 28 April 2011. We produced a public objection letter that many people signed and sent to the Council. So far, more than 180 people have objected to the scheme, and all mention their concerns about the impact on the Market. We submitted our own FOLKM objection to Eastgate that set out in detail why we think Eastgate will have a detrimental impact on the Market.

We have also asked our supporters to contact their local councillors and MP and express their opposition to the Eastgate scheme and tell them why. You can find out who your councillors and MP are by searching here.

The most important people in the decision on whether to grant Hammerson planning permission, however, are the Councillors (see below) who are on the Plans Panel that are currently considering the Eastgate development. They will decide whether or not to give it planning permission.

The first Plans Panel meeting to consider the Eastgate scheme was held on Thursday 12 May, 2011. You can read what happened here soon.

The next Plans Panel will be on 9 June, 2011. We are very worried that the Chief Planning Officer is going to try to push the application through at that meeting, so we are now stepping up our campaign and deepening our research into why the proposals will hurt the Market.

In the meantime, please contact the Councillors who are the Plans Panel to tell them why they should refuse planning permission. These are:

1. What is Eastgate?
2. Why is Eastgate a Threat to the Market?
3. What are the wider concerns about Eastgate?
4. How can we challenge the Eastgate scheme to protect the Market?

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