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Work on George St but Nothing in 1976 Hall

March 10, 2015

For the next couple of months access to Kirkgate Market will be trickier still as George Street is reduced to single lane traffic while the contractors work on the drains for Victoria Gate.


Meanwhile the 1976 Hall stands empty, with no sign of building work. Some of the stalls are gone forever, while others are dispersed around the rest of the market.

The good news is that Kirkgate Market is still open for business and well worth visiting, if you can get there. Unlike the formerly lively shopping streets, the Headrow and Briggate, which are now minus Dwell, Burtons, Primark and many other once iconic stores and increasing filled with pawn shops, pound shops, betting shops and charity shops.

The Yorkshire Evening Post recently ran a photo feature on Bethell’s Fish Shop, the 100-year-old seafood stall which they described as “the heart and sole of the market”. Kirkgate Market has many more treasures so don’t forget to visit.


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