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Bag a Bargain

September 9, 2014

A Friend of Leeds Kirkgate Market writes:
This is our Saturday morning weekly Kirkgate Market shop. We would normally have bought some cheese but I got some extra meat from the new Romanian shop. I buy my all milk and other loss-leaders from the local supermarket.

For a family of four, I spent £22.75. Meat/fish total – £12 or thereabouts. Veg total £10 or thereabouts:

  • 1 kg little orange peppers
  • 1 1/2 lb long red peppers
  • Big bunch of radish
  • 3 cucumber
  • 2 x big Yeo valley organic peach and apricot yoghurt
  • Half a pound home-made marinaded and smoked pork loin & half a pound of smoked sausage from the new Romanian shop at the bottom of butchers row.

[This is the most recent in a long tradition of new shops springing up in response to the new immigrant communities living in Leeds – The market adapts and changes much more quickly to changes in the population and demands of the city]

  • 1lb steak mince + 1/2lb pork mince

[From a butcher who has been in the market for more than 20 years. He had thought that he would continue to run his business until he was old enough to retire. The forced relocation of all the butchers will see their rents increase and is likely to force him out of the market]

  • 2lb new potatoes
  • 2 loaves of what my family consider the best bread in Leeds. Roughage bread from Cooplands (bottom of butchers row) (2 for £1)
  • 3lb broccoli
  • 1lb fresh green beans
  • Ten apples for packed lunch
  • 3 Packs of Hello Kitty mini rolls for packed lunch
  • Kilo of anchovy fillets in oil (£1.50!)

[The shop where these came from throws up similar quite bizarre bargains nearly every week. Also on offer on Saturday: 1 gallon of very fine Greek style yogurt £1.50]

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