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6 Months Notice to leave for Kirkgate Market traders

August 13, 2014

Long before the plans have been approved, the traders in the 1976 hall, many of whom have been there for decades, have been given six months’ notice to vacate their stalls to make way for a Covered Daily Market and Event Space which will, according to the market management, “encourage interest and vibrancy not seen in this area”.

The traders, of course, see things differently. Many have lost a lot of business as a result of the car park fiasco and are now faced with having to find a new stall, probably at a higher rent and with additional expense for equipping it. Some will pull back to sister stalls in other parts of the market, some will take the money and leave and some will try to fight the decision, but none of them are happy. Even the traders in the surviving stalls are furious at the disruption.

This is no way to treat the people who have made millions of pounds for the Council over the years. The market is the only Council service that makes a profit.

At a recent meeting with Greg Mullholland MP, he was very sympathetic to FOLKM concerns. He agreed to make further enquiries on our behalf and he has now written to Martin Farrington, Director of City Development at Leeds City Council and contacted Sue Bentley, Judith Chapman, and Stewart Golton, Lib Dem councillors at Leeds City Council.

What we really need is some corrective action by the council – let us see if anything is forthcoming.

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