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Amazing Minutes from a March 2014 Council/Traders Meeting

July 25, 2014

freeparkingWith new surprises and shocks being unveiled nearly every day by market management, it’s a pleasant surprise to see them being so open in other ways.

Here’s something we found on the market strategy pages. The Council don’t often post documents on these pages, and when they do they often mysteriously vanish, but this one, dating from just a couple of weeks before the car park closed, shows how right the traders were to be concerned and how slow the Council has been to act on their own recommendation:

It was felt that to aid traders, clear signage should be erected to assist customers to the nearest car park and it was asked that the council should consider subsidising customer car parking.

In the last few days, leaflets have been distributed and banners hung from lamp-posts in the city centre announcing £2 off parking in the NCP car park for customers who spend £5 in the market and 20 minutes’ free parking in the loading bays in George Street, and now the Council have announced a 20% rent reduction (subject to approval) for stallholders.

Let’s hope that while they finally pay attention to what they were told four months ago, they also keep up with the openness and leave the link there; if not here’s the document in full:
2014 03 24 Notes of Trader Meeting

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  1. Mike Harwood permalink
    July 26, 2014 4:31 am

    Can someone tell me:
    (a)How much it cost to park in the municipal car park – the one now closed to make way for Victoria Gate?
    (b)How much it normally costs to park in the private car park (NCP) next to the market?
    (c) How is anyone going to prove that (s)he has spent £5 in the market. I have never received/expected a receipt for my vegetables bought at different stalls?
    Mike Harwood

  2. August 2, 2014 9:55 am

    The old car park charged £1 for 30 minutes and £1.80 per hour. The NCP car park charged £2.20 for up to 30 minutes and £5.60 for up to 2 hours. Most traders don’t seem to have printing tills but they are obliging folk and will probably write out a receipt for you. But by the time you have queued up at the market office to verify a bundle of handwritten dockets you will probably have wasted another half-hour anyway.

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