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Letters to the Paper

July 9, 2014

From today’s Yorkshire Evening Post:

Last year the council, without warning, removed the seats from the outdoor market area, while there were posh new seats for shoppers in Dortmund Square, Briggate and so on.

Is this idiocy, or discrimination with malice?

Now the council, no doubt to flatter the needs of Victoria Gate developers Hammersons, have closed the only car park serving Kirkgate Market, causing the takings of market traders to slump by up to 40 per cent within two weeks.

No attempt at all was made to provide any sort of proper alternative.

Government Minister David Willetts has said that the Government wants to ‘revitalise high streets by making them more attractive, sustainable and locally relevant’.

This historic and vibrant market, Kirkgate Market, is at the heart and soul of our own high street’s sustainability – far more so, in my view, than any John Lewis superstore.

I therefore ask again, is this council acting with idiocy or blind malice?

Mike Harwood, Kirkstall

I was in Leeds market on three, if not four, separate occasions last month, and each time it was just as busy as I’ve known it to be.

The closure of the car park has in my opinion had little effect, judging by the number of shoppers I’ve observed.

Hundreds of buses pass very close to Leeds market each day and offer a far more convenient, not to mention cost effective, way of shopping there.

Plus, the railway station is only a five-minute walk away.

Why drive into the city centre when parking is so expensive and difficult to find? It’s a no-brainer if you ask me.

Nick Keer, Cottingley

IT’S easy to tell that Labour are in control of Leeds City Council, as their latest blunder puts the businesses of many Leeds market traders in jeopardy as takings drop by almost half.

For who in their right mind would close the main car park on which market customers depend, when there is so little alternative parking provision in Leeds without any contingency plan?

But common sense or business acumen are qualities sadly lacking in the dogmatic mindset of Labour, epitomised by them currently spending many thousands of pounds painting lamp posts which were already galvanized to stop them going rusty! God help this country if Labour get back in, we will really struggle then.

DS Boyes, Rodley

Editor’s Note: The council is now offering shoppers who spend £5 at Kirkgate Market a £2 discount on a two-hour stay at the nearby NCP car park on New York Street. A new collect-by-car point has also been set up on George Street alongside the market.

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