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Parking for Profit

May 12, 2014


As one car park (which charged £1 for 30 minutes and £1.80 an hour) closes, another one puts its prices up. These are the new rates for the NCP multistorey car park behind the market, profiting on the misery of customers who turn up to find the old car park fenced off and no directions to alternative sites. Meanwhile many customers are turning back and shopping elsewhere, and many traders are reporting a massive drop in profits, with some stalls running down their stock and some already closed. It seems that the Council at no point considered the effects of the building works on Kirkgate Market’s customers.

Cllr Lewis stated in the Yorkshire Evening Post in March 2014: “the market will remain open throughout the works and we’ll continue to work with traders to minimise disruption” — however LCC did nothing in that article to flag that the Eastgate car park was closing down in April, and we see no evidence of working with traders to minimise disruption. So just saying something and getting it in print doesn’t make it a reality — some action has to be taken.

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  1. Ray Brown permalink
    May 13, 2014 8:25 am

    One way or another Leeds people pay for these developments, but they never profit from them.

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