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Seven a Day Keeps the Munchies at Bay

April 8, 2014


The Yorkshire Evening Post recently highlighted the monthly Shop to Get Fitter tours around Kirkgate Market.
“It’s hard to imagine a better advert for eating healthily than the fruit and veg stalls at Leeds Kirkgate Market,” the article said. It’s a lot cheaper too! Last week a FoLKM member compared the prices at Kirkgate Market with the price of similar goods at Sainsbury’s. Kirkgate wins by a mile.

Produce                                               Sainsburys      Leeds Kirkgate Market

Apples (each)                                             29.8p               12.5p
Small oranges (each)                               33.3p               10p
Grapes (1KG)                                       £4.00                 £1.76
Pears (each)                                                39.8p                12p
Strawberries (1KG)                          £4.40                  £3.00
Kiwi fruit (each)                                       35p                     10p
Plums (each)                                             60p                     12p
Mushrooms (1KG)                             £2.68                 £2.20
Potatoes (1KG)                                        80p                       44p
Full cucumber                                         69p                        40p
Whole peppers (1KG)                     £2.41                           77p
Lean mince (1KG)                            £9.00                      £6.50
Pork chops (1KG)                             £7.29                      £4.40
Fresh chicken fillets (1KG)           £9.78                      £5.92
Spare rib chops (1KG)                    £5.00                      £3.95

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