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Kirkgate Market traders vote to withdraw existing market redevelopment plans from discussion at Council

March 27, 2014

Final approval for the redevelopment plans for Kirkgate Market will be discussed at the next Leeds City Council Executive Board on April the 2nd. As usual the meeting is open to the public and will take place in the Civic Hall at 1pm. Details of the meeting here. Here is the main document to be discussed . Send us questions and comments that you would like to pass on to traders and councillors.

 FOLKM are fully supporting traders’ calls for these papers to be withdrawn from next week’s council meeting to allow proper consultation over the full impact of the plans. Traders voted for the papers to be withdrawn after a meeting with management and councillors on the 24th of March.

 Listen to trader Liz Laughton in an interview with BBC Radio Leeds when she explained the traders reaction to the plans and the vote against these papers. 

The council have spent the past year announcing proposed improvements with great fanfare but providing virtually no detail and no discussion with traders. Finally we have been able to see some pictures of what they are proposing but this does not provide any reassurance on the key issues we have been campaigning on: the threat of higher rents driving out many existing traders; no meaningful participation of traders; a smaller open market and no assurance that those that depend most on the market for their affordable produce won’t be driven out as a direct result of the redevelopment.

The shiny new daily market: how it will look (allegedly)

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