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Councillor Lewis Answers Our Questions: 7

February 15, 2014

FoLKM asked:

  • How many stalls will go with the reconfiguration of the 1981 and 1976 halls, the new pedestrian route and George St reconfiguration? 

Councillor Lewis replied:

The precise number of stalls affected by the proposed works has yet to be determined and will only be established at completion of the RIBA Stage D design proposals. Whilst it is acknowledged that stalls will be removed for example in the 1976 Hall, they will be replaced by significant new trading opportunities afforded by the daily covered market, whilst it is also proposed that the shop units on the George Street frontage will be replaced by new retail units. In the 1981 Hall, a small number of units will be affected by the proposals to improve connectivity both with the adjacent Victoria Gate development and within the Market itself.

  • How many businesses will be moved and hence lose their existing tenancies?

As detailed above the precise number of businesses to be moved has yet to be identified and will only be established at completion of the Stage D design proposals.

  • How will new stalls be allocated to existing traders? Will there be a re-selection process as proposed by the previous Quarterbridge report or as it has happened in other markets (eg Blackburn)? What will be the criteria for “re-selecting” traders? 

This is currently under consideration and it is proposed that the criteria will be shared with the traders in the first instance.

So what exactly do you reckon will happen to the traders?

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