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Councillor Lewis Answers Our Questions: 6

February 14, 2014

FoLKM asked:

  • Reading in between the lines we see that, as we knew already,  many traders will lose their business or will be reallocated with their leases being terminated and replaced. But there is no clear explanation of the true cost of this redevelopment for traders and how the council will make sure that those more vulnerable traders and customers will not suffer. This does not correspond with paragraph 3.2 statement that “the proposals must reinforce existing business activity in the Market” as well as new traders and customers.

Councillor Lewis replied:

The City Council does not accept that anything can or should be read in between the lines. The Council is currently working through the implications of the redevelopment with groups of traders in each area affected, and the discussions have been well attended with informed discussion taking place.  The Council appreciates that there will be a greater impact in certain areas of the Market, such as the 1976 hall and Butchers Row, with lesser impacts in other areas and we are making this clear to the traders at every opportunity.  Once the Council has formally approved the RIBA Stage D proposals, officers will be in a position to talk to individual traders about their options and agree with them what the outcome will be.

Over to you.

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  1. permalink
    February 15, 2014 2:33 am

    Hi There its Mr & Mrs Riley here Cllr Lewis is an Idiot Why should Traders Loose there Pitches/Terminate there Lease that is Not Fair/Right it will Cost them More Money than its Worth Tell Cllr Lewis to pay for there(LEASE)Else Where in Market Best Wishes From Mr & Mrs Riley Cllr Lewis is a GREEDY SWINE

    Mr & Mrs Riley

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