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Councillor Lewis Answers Our Questions: 1

February 13, 2014

Last December, FoLKM sent a deputation to the Council to ask ten questions about the redevelopment of Kirkgate Market. At the subsequent meeting of the Executive Board, FoLKM were described as “negative”, “a stumbling block” and “an oxymoron”. However, Councillor Richard Lewis has now agreed to meet with us and has also sent answers to our questions.

  • In April 2013, after lobbying by traders and FoLKM,  the opposition “called in” the March 2013 Exec Board decision to progress on the redevelopment proposals. Conservative Councillors noted the lack of specific detail in the proposed redevelopment. But the labour majority in the Scrutiny Board dismissed these concerns because the then “report presented to Executive Board set out a series of principles and that worked up options would need to go back to Executive Board at the appropriate time.”

Councillor Lewis replied:

The detailed scheme proposals (RIBA Stage D) will be presented to the Council’s Executive Board at the earliest opportunity

Please let us have any comments. We shall publish subequent questions and answers in the following days.

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