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New Market management proposals: a culture change or more of the same?

December 18, 2013

The council says its wants a “culture change” in how it runs the Market after decades of mistrust and neglect. The proposals? An informal advisory board with no decision making powers where traders will be outnumbered by councillors with little experience in running a Market. These proposals will be discussed on wednesday 18th dec at the Executive Board meeting 1pm. Reports can be read here. Below are our comments.

  •  The traders themselves have not been involved in the drafting of this paper and have only been marginally involved in the discussions around new management proposals.
  • The proposed new structure will be “informal” will not actually have decision making powers but “advisory”. How will this be different to the Market Forum which did not work?
  • Traders will be outnumbered by politicians who have none or little expertise in running a Market.
  • The new management structure will come in too late to have a significant impact on the redevelopment proposal and new lease arrangements and instead relegated to advise during the commencement of the actual works.
  • The proposed independent advisers all seem to be from a commercial/marketing background with no consideration given to experts on social inclusion, social services, vulnerable groups.
  • There is a lost opportunity to understand the Market as a Public Service which is essential to those more vulnerable.
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  1. COLIN BELL PROCTOR permalink
    February 5, 2014 8:49 pm

    i stood Leeds Market for ten years on the outside market in which the stall rent went up 300% I packed it in 1980 and could detect a decline in customers as car boots supermarkets and online shopping took over from the traditional way of shopping.The market has been allowed to deteriorate day by day.The market got worse after the market fire as the insurance apparently didnt cover the full cost of a decent replacement.They tried to get rid of the market to a foreign buyer but it fell through and they have being running it down ever since.My belief is that they would love to turn it into another Trinity walk shopping centre stuffed full of overpriced goods.We the public have to fight these people who are determined to ruin the last remaining place where we can purchase goods at the right price I still travel to markets all over yorkshire to support them and i can tell you that everywhere councils are running markets down and big business are waiting in the wings with their big cheques to take over Today it was announced that Wakefield market is to become a multi-screen cinema with restaurants and cafes.Forty years ago Wakefield market was thriving and there was a queue a mile long to get a stall on many occasions as a casual I was turned away The customers used to fight among themselves to get the bargains.Wakefield council has let down the people of Wakefield down dont let Leeds City Counci ldo the same to our fantastic market.I have my own ideas how we can revive thisj jewel in the crown it is worth fighting for.To all those who shop at Leeds Market spread the word that Leeds Market is a great place to shop i WILL SEND ANOTHER EMAIL TOMMORROW WHAT I THINK NEEDS TO BE DONE FROM COLIN BELL PROCTOR TRADING AS TAYLOR ON LEEDS MARKET

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