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New details on Kirkgate Market redevelopment – send us your questions for councillors

December 10, 2013

New details of the Kirkgate Market redevelopment project have just been published this afternoon (see below). They include important changes to the indoor Market, the potential displacement of traders but also new management models and types of leases as well as a response to our Deputation speech

These proposals will be discussed at the next Leeds City Council Executive Board meeting (the highest decision making body in the council) on the 18th of Dec at 1pm, Civic Hall. The meeting is open to the public.

FOLKM will be reading the published documents in detail but want to invite everyone out there to send us comments and ideas on how you fell these plans will affect the Market.

We will be sending comments and questions to local Councillors ahead of the Executive Board meeting next Wednesday. So send us your thoughts so we can raise them.

Proposed Refurbishment of Kirkgate Market Progress Update and Response to the Deputation to Council

Proposals for a Management Board and Future Lease Arrangements for Kirkgate Market


Plus some a couple of sketches of how George Street could look like after the redevelopment- can anyone spot the current businesses???

Refurb Deputation Response Kirkgate Market Sketch1 291113

Refurb Deputation Response Kirkgate Market Sketch2 291113




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