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Elegy on a City Market

October 16, 2013

A despairing Friend of Leeds Kirkgate Market wrote this poem:

In March Leeds City council proclaimed their market was quite key,
And 12.3m pounds were needed to get things where they need to be.
Leeds people were delighted – felt the market would be set
But here we are in October and very little has changed yet!
The roof – it is still leaking – the air-conditioning is not there.
No market heart is planned for, indeed the market is quite bare!
The traders are all leaving, those who stay are feeling bad,
They are not involved in decisions and it’s making them quite sad.
Meanwhile the footfall – well it’s falling – so the income’s falling too.
It all seems quite ridiculous to regular people like me and you.
And the Leeds folk who are struggling to make ends meet from week to week,
Find it difficult to influence or know to whom exactly they should speak.
So PLEASE hear the cry from all of us who use the market when we can,
And prove to us Leeds City Council you don’t have a destructive masterplan.

FoLKM will be presenting a deputation to Leeds City Council at 1pm on Wednesday 13th November. Be there if you care.

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  1. permalink
    October 17, 2013 12:02 am

    Hi there to You All at FriendsofkirgateMarket.Its Mr & Mrs Riley here Did the Market get the Funding for Our Market as its the Best Market in The(UK)Best Wishes From Mr & Mrs Riley Dont Give Up The Fight

    Mr & Mrs Riley

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