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Call In Success

March 26, 2013

Following representations by traders and the Friends of Leeds Kirkgate Market on both the process and the outcome of the Executive Board decision on 13 March (see here) the decision has been now been ‘called in’

The campaign’s reasons for asking Executive Board to re-look at the proposals are as follows:

  1. This seems in part to be a poorly veiled attempt to bring to an end many/most of
    those leases that contain a right to assign the lease – in favour of leases that are
    far more in favour of the landlord (LCC). These leases (with their lack of security
    of tenure) are an anathema to investment and actually argue against a trader
    looking to build a business for the future as there is nothing to sell or pass on.

    2. The traders (whose businesses and livelihoods are directly at stake) have no faith
    in LCC executive or officers to deliver any of the promised benefits.

    3. There is no question that a significant number of businesses will be damaged,
    quite likely to the point of bankruptcy, by the disruption these proposals, officers
    accept, will cause. It is unforgivable that a policy of this council will destroy such a
    number of small businesses.

    4. This whole policy is drawn up by people with no real experience of running
    successful businesses and the people who best know how to run the market –
    the stall holders – have been poorly engaged in this process and will have limited
    input in the market’s future.

    5. The proposal is far too tied up in nuts and bolts, and tinkering on the edges (signs
    here, screens there, performance area in that bit, a roof improvement etc.) – it is
    unimaginative and a wasted opportunity.

On Friday, March 22nd, Conservative Councillors called in the decision. This means that Scrutiny Board (Sustainable Economy and Culture) must now meet to hear evidence and they will then decide whether to ask Executive Board to re-examine the proposal and their decision. The Scrutiny Board meeting will be held on Wednesday 3 April at 2.00pm. (click here for agenda)

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  1. SMT permalink
    April 2, 2013 8:52 pm

    Leeds City Council should leave the market to fester, nothing will please the FOLKM, not even millions of pounds of investment. I just hope the market is screened off from John Lewis and the high end shops that are due to start construction as part of Eastgate next year. No one who shops in the VQ and the new Eastgate arcade/John Lewis wants to see grotty market stalls.

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