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12 questions for the Council about the proposed redevelopment of Kirkgate Market

March 12, 2013

The Executive Board of Leeds City Council will be making a decision on the 13th of March on the future of Kirkgate Market. The proposals involve a £12.3 redevelopment plan but are so vague at the moment that they could mean many different things. We are asking our councillors to have clear answers to these questions before they make the wrong decision for the people of Leeds. You can write to your councillor too – find who they are here.

  1. Will the rents go up once the redevelopment project is finished?
  2. Of the proposed £12.3m – £500,000 a year over 25 years – how much is the repayment, how much is interest and how much would be invested in the market?
  3. How many outdoor stalls will go in the new arrangements?
  4. How many traders will be served notice in total?
  5. How many people will be able to keep their right of assignment (the right to “sell on” their business) ?
  6. How much space is there to re-locate 1976 Hall traders and will they all be able to stay if they choose to do so?
  7. How does anything in the report demonstrate Leeds City Council’s committment to the low income people of Leeds and surrounding are who use the market?
  8. What proof have we got that the “daily trader” market will not hit the rocks like the Sunday Market recently established?
  9. The report talks about ringfencing income from rents to re-pay the loan. Why is there only ringfence for the loan repayment? There is no committment in the report to ringfence on-going investment so this may never materialise.
  10. Why is not the proposed new “management board” with trader and independent representatives been allowed to make the decisions about this key redevelopment?
  11. How are Councillors acting within the financial probity requirements of local Government without having all the relevant information to make this decision on the 13th March?
  12. What will happen if the Eastgate development falls through?
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