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Markets are cheaper than supermarkets, confirmed by Channel 4 Dispatches program

January 23, 2013

A Channel 4 Dispatches program showed this week (21st January 2013)  looked at the pricing policies and practices of supermarkets and compared prices of leading supermarkets with those of independent greengrocers and markets (click photo to watch for few days) . Markets came clearly cheaper than supermarkets and greengrocers. Here you can see all details of the price comparison.

This is nothing new for Friends of Leeds Kirkgate Market who have consistently showed that Kirkgate Market is much cheaper than other leading supermarkets. You can see our own price comparison below.
And Friends of Queen Market in London have proved the same.
And recently we reported how far £24 go in the outdoor market in Leeds.
The fact that Markets are cheaper than supermarkets has also been confirmed by the National Federation of Market Traders who conducted research on the issue.

This therefore contradicts Leeds City Council’s mantra that the Market cannot compete on prices and that it has to compete on quality and therefor go “upmarket”. This research shows that Kirkgate Market can compete on quality and price.

The dispatches programme also revealed the very dodgy practices used by supermarkets to trick us into thinking that we are getting a bargain. Dispatches analysed buy one get one free, half price and promotions to find that these were often misleading. The program reported that research by the organisation Which? concluded that prices in supermarkets have in fact increased over the years. These findings again contradict Leeds City Council’s obsession with making the Market run more like a supermarket which they portray as reliable, trustworthy, accountable against the supposedly less formal and standardised nature of Markets. In fact supermarkets use their powerful marketing machinery to make us think that we are buying cheaper when this is not the case.

Yet another reason to choose Leeds Kirkgate Market over supermarkets.

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  1. Mike Harwood. permalink
    January 23, 2013 5:18 pm

    The message is clear to us. What is being done, I wonder, to spread it? Only a big swell/clamour of opinion will stop the Council in what I rather think are its tracks.

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