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October 11, 2012

After more than a month of delay in releasing the results of a public consultation into various options for the future of the Market, the Council has finally now confirmed, that the final decision will NOT be made in January (as previously announced) but will, like the next stage in the consultation be pushed back. FOLKM had publicly demanded this delay to give more time for traders and members of the public to have a serious debate.

In an e-mail to Friends of Leeds Kirkgate Market – the council officer managing the Market redevelopment project – Craig Taylor stated

“I can also confirm that the Executive Board report for a final decision will not be presented in January 2013, but will also be delayed.”

Following a number of requests made by FOLKM under the Freedom of Information Act the council have also promised that they will be publishing a detailed breakdown of responses to the questionnaire which took place in the summer and which was completed by more than 2000 members of the public and the report from NPS consultants detailing the consultation and explaining the different options for the Market. This will be uploaded on the market strategy website. FOLKM will scrutinise all these documents and keep you posted on our thoughts on the consequences the proposed changes might have for the Market.

Without any public explanation for the delays – the council have now announced that the next stage of the consultation will start next week Tuesday October 17th and members of the public will be able to look at ‘further information’ about ‘possible future improvements to the market.’

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  1. January 29, 2013 9:15 am

    This is really the third posting, of your site I actually read through.

    Yet I personally love this particular one, “MORE TIME FOR DEBATE – COUNCIL CONCESSION
    Friends of Leeds Kirkgate Market” the best.
    Regards ,Eunice

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