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Kirkgate Market is best shopping centre in Leeds. Market tenants bask in well deserved glory

October 9, 2011

Sunday 2nd October 2011 the Leeds Guide held its Annual Bash to announce the winners of its Leeds Retail Awards. The winner of the Best Shopping Centre in Leeds was – fanfare and loud roll of drums – Kirkgate Market, by a stupendous margin. See here . Kirkgate Market knocked out the Victoria Quarter which has held the title for many years. Before anyone starts to cry “fix, fix”.

The Leeds Guide, each year, invites its readers to nominate their favourite Leeds retailers on their website. After three weeks they select the top six in each category and then put the shortlists up for three more weeks. Just to make sure that there is no fiddling there is some high tech stuff to stop people voting for themselves etc. To put this in context this comes in a week when supermarket giant Tesco announces a 20% fall in UK retail sales and John Lewis announced an 18% fall in profits.

Just for the irony, Coun. Gerry Harper, the “Markets Champ” told the press in a conference, held in the Market Offices last Friday 30th of September, from which the public and market tenants were excluded, that the Council were going to hire consultants to prove conclusively that the market is too big. We reported on this here. Last year a piece of research was published by the council announced that young people don’t use the market and shoppers all come by bus. The Leeds Guide is primarily read by younger persons and the car park next to the market is full even on Sundays.

Kirkgate Market better than Victoria Quarter!

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