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Rod McPhee’s article upsets traders

July 25, 2011

Rod McPhee’s article few days ago in the YEP praising the Eastgate development and talking down the market has upset a few traders who have written letters to the local newspaper:

REGARDING Rod McPhee’s article in the Evening Post on July 11 – as a longstanding market trader in Leeds Market, I think that the article he has written just makes it sound as though we’re living in a tip, which is probably right really, it does need re-developing.

Rather than spend all this money on the Eastgate quarter, why shouldn’t we re-develop Leeds Market? For the last 30 years it’s been the heart of the city centre, but, with the lack of investment from Leeds City Council, we’re dying on our feet.

To say it’s only good for parking your car, eating chips and buying drugs, well that’s just ridiculous.

Stephen Watkinson, by email

I have a retail butchers shop in Kirkgate Market, I’ve been there 25 years, I had three shops at one time.I’m just ringing up with disgust with regards to an article by Rod McPhee, ‘The only way is Eastgate’, and how he’s run down the back end of the market. It is in a dilapidated state, we know that, but his words, well he should have chosen them a bit more carefully. He has upset a lot of people.

This wording has got to be put right. This will put people off coming into town. We’re all worried sick about our livelihoods. We don’t object to the scheme, it’s the upheaval it will cause while they’re doing it. Who’s going to pay our wages? Who’s going to pay our staff?

Mr Dereham, by email


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