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Promoting the Market amongst students now officially Leeds Student Union Policy

March 15, 2011

At the latest “Better Leeds” Forum on the 15th of March students unanimously voted to support Leeds Kirkgate Market and for the Student Union to promote it.This is now Leeds Student Union Policy. Friends of Leeds Kirkgate  Market has been working to create links with the university so this is an excellent positive result of our campaign!

We are now in conversations with Leeds Student Union about how to pursue this and we understand that the council will also get involved. There are ideas for students placements, students’ exhibition space at the market, volunteering opportunities with us, temporary market stalls at Leeds Student Union, market tours for students and more. For more information contact us or Paul Gold, community officer of the Student Executive  at

This is what the Union has agreed:

Kirkgate market is a symbol of Leeds’ rich cultural heritage and a
cornerstone of local trade. Many independent retailers depend on the
Market, but with rising costs and rent reductions thus far being refused
by the council, many are being forced out. Furthermore the Market is in
need of renovation, but without a rise in business this would appear
unlikely. With more convenient or obvious options at their disposal,
many students remain uninformed or dismissive of the Market. As a
cheap source of food and a diverse array of other products Kirkgate
Market offers students a genuinely beneficial alternative. But more than
that, it offers students a chance to participate in a communal aspect
of city life, explore Leeds further, and put money back into their local
economy. With a statement of mutual support for Leeds’ independent
commercial bodies, Kirkgate Market could become a site of
conjunction for both the students and the local community.

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  1. March 15, 2011 4:24 pm

    This is really good news and I think it will help to boost trade in the market a lot.

    Thank You to everyone who’s involved in this initiative!

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